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Dan & Blair, 5x17

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Anonymous said: sooooooooooorry i've posting some of your edits, from weheartit, now i found your blog sooo im going to reblog now :), im an anon because my dair blog its a secondary one and i cant ask using it im mydairheart.

no worries, I know that site doesn’t state where the stuff is from but at least you know now and thanks for letting me know :)

Anonymous said: oh my!! where have you been?i love your blog all dairs..aaaahh please keep posting because your talent is making dair shippers like us happy all around the globe im from the philippines you rock!

oh you are sweet and to answer your question, I’ve been in dair heaven :)

I will never stop posting, especially now that dair is canon and so beautiful, I couldn’t be happier with this ship and the fact that so many new shippers have come to the dair side, love it and love all dair shippers around the world, big hug to you all

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